Hundred of people Gathered in Delhi’s Connaught Place to Sing “Bol Na Anty Aaun kya- Ghanti main Bajaun kya”


We have been seeing strange things happening all around the world, India is no more lagging behind, Approaching very faster instead, Towards insanity, madness, and Retardness of the Extream level. Nothing can be done to these bunch of So called youth enjoying their life and using their creative ideas and gathering other people in their Jobless Entertainments.

Videos are going Viral on Social Media of hundreds of boys and girls gathered in Delhi’s Connaught place following a Project named Omprakash. These people were gathered at different parts of cannaught place and made nuisance all over by singing and dancing on this song named “Bol Na Anty Aaun kya- Ghanti Main Bajaun kya?”

This is extent of extream madness Before this, People were making a girl named Dhinchak Pooja famous for her worst publicity stunt songs. On the other hand, social media platforms are getting filled by dankies, who even make memes on issues like Rape. Seeing such things is very disappointing in places like Delhi.

In Case you want to watch the VIDEO Madness-


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