Sudhir Chaudhary Banging NDTV’s Ravish Kumar for his Dual Standards is the Best Video You will see Today!


Everyone is familiar with News Anchor who is known for his good oratory skills & Biased Reporting. After the murder of Journalist Gauri Lankesh A Large section of media, personnel attended A Protest meeting Press Club Of India, Delhi where Ravish Kumar tried his best to Gain Political scores By Targeting Why P.M. Modi Follows those who abused Gauri Lankesh.

Well, some points Mr. Ravish Made was appropriate to an extent. He said, “I have seen so many murderous people. There are more murderers than murders and their acceptance is growing” To this fact people saying Ravish Kumar never Said anything to those who celebrate Killings of Our Army Jawans in Universities & RSS Cadres.

He also left no chance to target P.M. Modi during his speech he also taunted P.M. By Saying that P.M. should follow him instead on twitter. he would share nice poems with him, he would come to know of the country’s problems, it would help him solve them.

After this the real Story Begins when Sudhir Chaudhary, editor of Zee News Ripped Him apart in his Prime time show Yesterday, He Said,

 “Those Journalists who’re career are on the verge of extinction has now become Leaders to save their careers. A journalist who’s channel is caught in tax evasion of hundreds of crores & On the verge of Sut down Was speaking lie against P.M. Digvijay Singh tweeted a fake video about P.M.but exposed the nexus between him & The media Person. These Journalists join politics publicly instead of doing politics behind from screens.” 

he Also Targeted Ravish Kumar openly On Twitter.



Watch the video From 07:00 till End –




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