Watch VIDEO- This Economist Predicted Bullet Train Fare to be 75,000 Rs. for One Side Journey, He is missing Now!


Our own publicity hungry, Troll chief minister of Delhi Saltanat who did his best to run propaganda against Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi’s Manifesto Promise regarding Running Bullet Train on Mumbai- Ahmedabad Route. He tried his best to defame the idea of bringing new technology to India, His Volunteers were active on social media and were creating an Anti-Modi environment at that time.

Arvind Kejriwal denied all Constructive points and put his own theory of “Why India can’t afford Bullet Train” just because he hated Modi and his popularity He recorded a Video on official Aam Aadmi Party Youtube handle and came up with a bizarre calculation about bullet train fares.

In a 1:43- Minute video clipping, he was shown as speaking that the “Ahmedabad to Mumbai one way ticket fare on bullet train will be Rs 75,000 per person” and such cost of a ticket is not a good idea, As Airplane tickets are way cheaper. For Information, He is an IIT Graduate and later joined Income tax department as an Officer. With Such Brilliant Education Portfolio, He was doing this bullshit that too without any hesitation.

Watch VIDEO- 

But Now when, Bullet train(Dream Project), Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe laid the foundation stone for India’s first bullet train project in Ahmedabad on Thursday. This Brilliant Economist goes missing with his Demotivation and pre-Assumptions. According to Project Manager of Bullet Train Between Mumbai-Ahmedabad would cost around 3,000 to 4,000 at max.

People are searching for how he got into IIT and Civil Services With such Calculations. Let’s hope for Good now keeping such people on one side, A New Technology is coming with New Opportunities, We should Welcome Such opportunities wholeheartedly.

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