Calcutta high court blows Centre, Central Govt reached SC, SC Blows Mamata Banerjee and Calcutta HC in Return, LOL!


Central government deployed Security forces to sensitive areas affected by Protests during demand of separate state Gorkhaland, Now when the situation is under control and people are trying to live peacefully, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee disagreed and denied shifting of Troops from these zones, She said We need troops for more time and Directly said the Central government can not intimidate us and shift Troops so early, In case Violence/Protests again rises/ In case of any mishappening Central government would be responsible.

Mamata Government furiously reached Calcutta high court against centre’s decision to shift troops from Darjeeling and other sensitive areas, Following the state, Hight court issued an order and opposed central government from doing this. In Answer Central government reached Supreme court with a statement

“Judges can not decide Troops Deployment”

Centre tells Supreme court that Judges cannot decide Troops Deployment and it is the fundamental job of the government of the day, and not the judiciary, to decide placement of police and armed forces to secure the nation’s borders and maintain law and order internally. For now, 15 companies of Central Armed Police Forces, deployed in the restive districts of Darjeeling and Kalimpong in West Bengal.

After the Central Government reached supreme court, SC Allowed the central government to shift troops from Bengal and slammed Calcutta High Court with the state(Mamata Banerjee) government. In a statement, Supreme court Told Mamata Government that Law and Order in the state is your Problem.

After this, seven out of fifteen companies of central armed forces would be shifted to states; Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh for Upcoming Elections. West Bengal’s chief minister, Mamata Banerjee is well known for her Anti-Bhartiya Janta Party/Right wing stand and minority appeasement in the state. Without opposing centre’s move she can not move forward these days.

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