Detained People Said They were Celebrating “Dance Bar Without Liquor is absurd” Statement of Supreme Court by Bursting Crackers


Recently in a Landmark(According to Libbies) judgment, Supreme court of India banned any type of Sale of Firecrackers in Or around Delhi till November first, 2017. It is quite surprising that Firecrackers are banned for a certain time and not for a whole year. In order to protect environment, Things like Firecrackers should be banned throughout, Along with Firecrackers things which are actually responsible for Increment of pollution should be banned, But they are getting zero attention.

So-called Environmentalists are hell-bent on targeting a particular festival and a particular ideology. Instead of Regulating or making some rule they absurdly blaming Diwali for pollution and that’s how they completely banned sale of Firecrackers. According to a real Scientist In Winters, Windflow decrement causes pollution as Air is not dispersed and gathered at a place, He also said Use of Motor Vehicles in large number and stubble burning in nearby states causes much more pollution than anything.

There is no control and no rules to ban real pollutants, After this Super judgment people were searching for more landmark judgments and found many things like Dahi-Handi height, banning Tradition like Jallikattu, Dance bars etc. A group was very happy to see all these important judgments. Most favorite judgment given by supreme court was about Dance bars in Mumbai. The Group decided to appreciate the court in a unique manner and took flight to Delhi.

14 people reached and lauded supreme court by bursting crackers outside, on road. Later they all were detained by Delhi police. On Asking group leader said, We just got to know about “Dance Bar Without Liquor is absurd” (Statement) of supreme court and we couldn’t stop ourselves appreciating it. We were happy and were bursting crackers to show our gratitude and respect for honorable My Lords.




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