Donald Trump’s Epic Reply to Shivraj Singh Chauhan after He compared Roads of US With Madhya Pradesh


Some people carry their “Criticize them and praise self attitude” everywhere they go, Same happened with Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan when he visited United states following investment promotion conference held in United states on Tuesday.

Shivraj Singh Chauhan claimed that Roads in Madhya Pradesh are better than the united states and people who never visited Madhya Pradesh and the United States are outraging on different platforms of Social media. They all are criticizing MP Chief minister for comparing two Infrastructures.

As usual, The opposition started ridiculing Shivraj’sstatementt and reached roads with potholes to take pictures and to post on social media to take dig on him.

Hearing Such statement from Shivraj Singh Chauhan, United States president Donald Trump reacted. Donald Trump in a series of tweets said He is absolutely okay with any kind of criticism. In reply to Shivraj Singh Chauhan, he said there are many things in US too which are doing better than Madhya Pradesh.

Countering Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s statement, Donald Trump said Poha and Jalebi In United States are better than Madhya Pradesh. Poha-Jalebi is like traditional snacks for Madhya Pradesh People but still, I challenge Shivraj ji to Come and taste our Version of Poha-Jalebi.

After Trump’s statement Opposition is confused whom to support over Poha-Jalebi, Our reporter Baduan Panda reached Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and asked several questions regarding his claims and comparisons of Madhya Pradesh with the United States.

After this Jalebi-Poha controversy Shivraj Singh Chauhan called Donald Trump and asked him not to joke around, In reply, Donald Trump slowly said “Same to You” brother and disconnected the call.

Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal after all this controversy jumped into the debate and now claiming that Mountains in Delhi are better than Swiss Mountain in Switzerland. In hope of some answer from Switzerland, He also claimed MCD is better than any Municipal authority in world and Ashutosh is the sexiest man alive on earth.

  • Satire by Vishal Kaushik


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