Failed Comedian Taunts Gautam Gambhir for Supporting National Anthem, Bulldozed In Return


Cricketer Gautam Gambhir who is known for his tough stand is in news again On National Anthem In Cinema halls debate. Gambhir who is well known for his Support to Kins of Soldiers Martyred also revealed in past that his first choice was  Army.

Gambhir In his tweet Has a message for those having an excuse to no to stand during the national anthem, Gambhir in his tweet Said,

“Standing and waiting outside a club:20 mins. Standing n waiting outside favorite restaurant 30 mins. Standing for national anthem: 52 secs. Tough?”

Yes, he has slammed all those people who are against standing up in theaters during National Anthem. After SC ruled out that it’s not compulsory to stand up for National Anthem, a debate sparked up on social media.



Hardly hours after Gambhir posted a patriotic tweet condemning the masses for not paying due respect for the national anthem.

The renowned stand-up Downrated comedian Kunal Kamra took a jibe at Gambhir regarding his stay at the crease in foreign conditions.

the comedian retweeted,”Sir I can point out many innings where it was tough for you to stand for 52 seconds…

Kunal Kamara’s Tweet Which he deleted after facing backlash

There has been a number of occasions when Gambhir failed to open his account in testing conditions of England, Australia and South Africa.

Kunal Kamra wanted to take a sly dig at the KKR mainstay by enumerating his durations at the crease by comparing with the 52 seconds of the national anthem.

Well after this tweet mentioning Gautam Gambhir, Comedian Kunal Kamra Invited Trouble for himself as Users showed no mercy upon him for his lunatic stand.







After facing Backlash Kunal Kamra tried to damage control the situation –


well, this is not the first time when these Jackals Hiding under the skin of Liberals tried to bully those who supported India.




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