Government Officials send “Sonpapdi” Packets Pre-Diwali, 50 Rohingya Families left India to Settle in Myanmar again


While we all are waiting for supreme court not to interfere in National security issues and Questions raised by Indian Government, in the name of Human rights, Some Central government employees found a new technique to deport Rohingyas again in Myanmar, from where they left to settle here in Different parts of India.

A few days ago, Central government issued a notification regarding deportation of Rohingya Muslims who are illegally settled in India And further Entry of Other Immigrants. But Some intellectual people, Obviously stand as an obstacle and approached Supreme court Of India.

After hearing their request not to deport poor and helpless Rohingya Muslims Supreme court stopped/Stay the deportation said They cannot be treated this way and asked central government to find other ways.

Surprisingly Central government is standing by its statement about the deportation of Rohingya Muslims till now, but due to staying process has been stopped.

Supreme court gave a Landmark (According to some) judgment of banning Firecrackers sale in Delhi/NCR in order to prevent exploitation of Environment. However, This season is all about sweets, Diyas, Gift bonus etc i.e Happiness :).

Sonpapdi is the most repeated and annoying thing every Diwali according to some people, Some Central government, in order to annoy Rohingyas, sent Sonpapdi packets to at least 50 Rohingya families. They immediately decided not to stay in India after arrival of Sonpapdi packets.

According to Mustafa, An unemployed Rohingya staying in Hyderabad said they were happy and were enjoying their luxurious stay in India. Suddenly they got a gift wrapped packet written “Happy Diwali on it”. With excitement, he opened the packet and found it was Sonpapdi.

We are very sad and annoyed by this kind of gift, We were expecting Indian citizenship this Diwali as a gift from the government, But what we are having? Sonpapdi. For us, this is clear cut humiliation and exploitation of our Human rights. How can they send Sonpapdi? Asked Reshma living in Bengal.

Our sympathizer advocate Shri Prashant Chushan ji assured us of fighting this in Supreme court but we are tired now. One old man named Salim said We all have decided to leave this country after such insult. We can bear with Buddhist monks but not with Sonpapdi. Day before Diwali 50 Rohingya families fled to Myanmar again.

National Human Right commission issued an urgent notice to central government employees who sent those boxes to poor and helpless Rohingyas.




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