“India TV with 69 other News channels Nominated for Asian Media Awards for Playing Honeyreet/Radhe Maa Stories Everyday


Ever since Self godman Baba Ram Rahim Singh insaan got sentenced 20 years jail by special CBI court, Media houses went crazy and are competing with each other in absolute absurdity. They are serving non-sense in the name of National news on national TV without caring about their viewers. Seems Baking up fake stories is the only work left for these national news media houses.

With zero percent productive employee base News channels like India TV with 69 other worthless channels were nominated for a very prestigious award. The competition was tough and News media houses from all around Asia were participating. Selection committee searched for best news run by media houses in Asia and found 70 Indian media channels running best stories.

Stories were well morphed, Best Ingredients were inserted, Storytelling was awesome, Glamour level was also good. Most run stories on these channels were of Honeypreet and Ram Rahim insaan, the Main factor by which these media houses were nominated was consistency and dedication level towards a story. According to the committee reports these stories were played almost every day with great focus.

Our reporter Baduan panda who is also a reviewer and social media critic condemned each and every second wasted by these so-called media houses on issues lies Baba- Haneepreet Relationship, How Radhe Maa is hiding her relationship with Baba Ram Rahim Singh Insaan, How Radhe Maa is a goddess with Lakh of bhakts around her?.  How Honeypreet managed to hide for so many days? Did Radhe maa ever visited Ram Rahim’s “Gufa”?

India TV is maintaining the top place in the list, India news with chief editor Deepak Chaurasia heading towards the second position, India TV promised to run Ram-Rahim/ Radhe maa stories more often if they win this award. Twitter warrior journalists congratulated media channels for their debut in Asian Awards.



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