Kerala Mosque Calls For SOCIAL BOYCOTT of Family For Inter Religious Marriage, Hundreds Defy Diktat


The Interreligious marriages in Kerala facing Social & Legal Trouble & become the nationwide debate topic after the NIA Accepted “Love Jihad Theories” In Supreme Court.

While the National Media Who even reports even a sneezing Incident of Minority personal has been opted out to report this issue.

According to the report of News Agency The News Minute, The secretary of the Madarul Islam Sangham’s Mahallu committee (the mosque’s administrative committee) issued a special circular urging all people connected with the mosque to break off all contact with Kunnummal Yusuf and his family. But the several worshippers at Mallapuram District are going against such order By committee against the social boycott of family whos’ daughter married a Christian.

Madarul Islam Sangham’s Mahallu committee (the mosque’s administrative committee) issued a circular in Malayalam Stating, here is the copy of circular –

Circular By Mahallu Committee Via The News Minute

The family’s ‘crime’ – they had agreed to Yusuf’s daughter’s choice of a partner outside her religion. Since Kunnummal Yusuf has agreed to his daughter’s wedding to a non-Muslim, we have decided that people need not cooperate with his family, neither for mosque-related affairs nor for other matters

Wedding photograph of Jaseela & Tiso

Well, this is not the first time when Mahallu Committee issued such a circular, the strange thing is hundreds of Mahallus has refused to oblige this order. The Local Malayalam News Agency Reporter Live Has also Covered this case Too

Jaseela’s uncle Rasheed took to Facebook to announce the news of the wedding and the well-attended reception in a post that is being widely shared on the social network. He in his Facebook post Wrote,


Jaseela’s Uncle Rasheed Cp Cherucopalli post

 “Yesterday was my daughter’s daughter’s wedding. She has the freedom to marry her favorite person.The Mahal Committee who has called out for the social boycott of our family has nothing to do with marriage, they can not control our lives at any cost. Many Muslims, even religious believers, were active in this marriage. Reminds you of that. She has all the right to marry a person of her choice. Jaseela’s and Tiso’s wedding is not the first inter-religious marriage. Can the mosque stop the changing tides of time?”

Well, the national media will not cover this issue as it does not suit their agenda.



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