“My Lord” to Fix Amount of Oxygen to be Inhaled by Hindus to Ensure Proper Supply for Minorities


In a landmark judgment by “My Lord” of house Supreme announced something very obvious to majority of the population of this country. Amount of Oxygen inhaled by majority(Hindus) to be fixed from now. Fixation of amount of oxygen will come into force from November 1, 2017 and continue till end of this Materialistic world.

According to the judgment, the amount of oxygen present in surrounding was slowly diminishing, Following environmental concerns, My Lord ordered Probe and after Enquiry Secular branch of India found that the maximum amount of oxygen was being illegally inhaled by Hindus.

Hearing the plea of Secular Association of India, Supreme leader Today Passed a Landmark judgment against Overuse of Oxygen by Hindus. The bench of 3 judges in their Decision said:

“After Promotion of Yoga By P.M. Of India Hindus are inhaling more & more amount of Fresh Air in the morning leaving toxic Gases for Minorities Who can’t perform Yoga According to Holy Champak. That’s why in order to Retain Fundamental rights of Minorities, We have decided to start rationing oxygen for Hindus “. 

This has started  2 years back when Communal organization declared a particular day as “International Yoga day”. From that day Amount of Oxygen was reducing in Environment. Seasoned Environmentalists also found that With Oxygen many other gases are also being stolen by majority, They blamed Central Government for these kinds of acts and accused Prime minister Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adiityanath of supporting and Promoting Oxygen Thieves.

According to Media Reports Majority of people in Minority were facing health-related issues after the declaration of International Yoga day. Reports claimed, Two peaceful labourers inhaled Sulphur instead of oxygen and blasted like Diwali bombs. According to My Lord Incidents like these will come to reduction only after limiting oxygen of major inhalers.

Supreme leader ensures minority to provide full amount of oxygen and said no PIL would be entertained in this case.




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