Opposition Parties left for Vacations after Rahul Gandhi revealed his black belt in Aikido


The strongest opposition leader, World’s most powerful Politician, Undisputed champion of Congress Party Shri Rahul Gandhi finally revealed his interest in Sports. A “Youth” who is always silent and keeps himself engaged in Productive works finally expressed himself over some irrelevant issues, Which are actually relevant.

Shri Rahul Gandhi Ji revealed his qualifications and interest in sports while speaking at annual meet of the Ph.D. chamber of commerce on Thursday. He said I do exercise, run and swim and does other sports activities. I m black belt in Aikido, but I don’t speak about it publicly. Sports is very important for me and I do spend most of my time doing sports activities.

Congress volunteers were found celebrating this important announcement with firecrackers outside Congress headquarters in Delhi, They said We do not care about pollution level. According to a volunteer, such good news cannot be celebrated without firecrackers. We are happy and now, we are feeling more protected under the guidance of Shri Rahul Gandhi Ji.

Hearing this, Opposition party leaders packed their stuff and left India for a long vacation, Our reporter Baduan Panda reached one of the main ruling party leader while he was packing his stuff for Italy. According to the leader, They are feeling threatened as they do not have such qualifications in any of their leaders. We are ruling party but we are now unable to fight against Indian National Congress.

Dynamic leader Malligarjun Katke during an interview with Asian News International said We are happy to know Rahul Ji is black belt in Aikido, This will encourage the youth of the country to learn some other games. Our reporter Baduan Panda asked whether he was aware of this qualification before or not? In Answer, he said he was only aware of his interest in TV Shows like Chota Bheem and Ninja Hathodi.

Congress leader J. Scindia in an interview said this will empower women and boost our economy to some extent. Along with this India’s international image which has been ruined by Modi Ji will be lifted.






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