A Minor Hindu boy and a Muslim girl killed by Girls family members in Bihar’s Champaran District


We are living in a time where people with broad thinking and high intellect suggests intercaste and interfaith marriages. We must have heard of cases like “Hindu girl married Muslim boy” and intellectual people defending them just by reciting some artificial sentences. But in Reverse case of a Muslim girl loving or marrying a Hindu boy is sinful for them. They never raised their voices in favour of exactly opposite incidents.

Leaving aside these intellectuals, In a suspected case of honour killing, A minor Hindu Boy and minor girl from Bihar Champaran District were allegedly killed by girls family members after their love affair came out in front of the family. Dead bodies of Mukesh Kumar and Noor Jahan Khatun were recovered from two different places. Surprised?

Three Kins of girl named Allaudin Ansari, Gulsanover, Aamir Miyan were arrested in the case, Later they admitted and confessed of killing the boy and the girl brutally. Though this seems to be a case of honour killing what about interfaith marriages and love? Why were they killed not counselled? Where are those flagbearers of Humanity hiding now?

“The body of the girl was dumped into a gorge, smeared with salt and covered with mud close to the Chandravat river. The body has been exhumed by the police. The boy’s body was recovered from Sareh village, two kilometers away from the girl’s house”. It is expected, almost confirmed that no one will utter a single word from their revolutionary mouth.

Instead of inter-community marriages being celebrated as a symbol of India’s open and liberal approach, They are being treated as suspects(Was reading this article published in The Hindu) Written by Brinda Karat related to Hadiya Allegedly Love Jihad case. Now I should wait for the similar article by some liberal face related to the killing of Minors by Radical family members.


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