National Green Tribunal Bans Chanting of Mantras, Ringing of Bells, Slogans At Amarnath temple


The National green tribunal is famous for its strange orders in order to prevent the environment from Exploitation. Strange as everytime such orders end up with no positive result. It passes orders on daily basis, But there is no sign of Improvement anywhere. Our Surrounding is full of Noise with different kind of pollutions, people somehow are surviving.

As I live in Delhi, I can say this very confidently that most orders of National Green Tribunal were failed drastically. Till now NGT failed miserably in stopping any kind of damage to the environment. Side by side it is passing some more strange orders targeting a particular community, Which is Majority but helpless in front of such orders.

The National Green Tribunal on Wednesday banned the chanting of mantras at Amarnath temple and issued a slew of orders to be implemented by the Amarnath Shrine Board. On Wednesday, an NGT bench headed by chairperson Justice Swatanter Kumar said there should be no ringing of bells in the cave temple.

Along with this, the NGT said there should no chanting of ‘mantras’ or ‘jaykaras’(Slogans) in Amarnath and asked the board for strict implementation of its orders. The tribunal also said there should be a single queue of people walking towards the main cave from the last check post. A few days back National green tribunal came up with orders to limit the number of Pilgrims at Mata Vaishno Devi temple to 50,000 per day.

Instead of focusing on real pollutants and productive measures to improve environmental situation Seems NGT is targetting a particular community and passing absurd orders against them. No Chanting of Mantras, No Jaykaras, No ringing of Bells. We should not be surprised Loudspeakers five times a day are allowed in populated areas, No ban at all on such things, vehicles are relentlessly increasing in every part of the country, No Cap. No ban on Industries, Non-Biodegradable elements are increasing day by day.

Overall, We as pilgrims now, should stop going to pilgrimages. We should chant mantras, Worship our gods in our room as long as it is allowed and not banned by National Green Tribunal.



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