Rajdeep Sardesai thretened Lawyer Prashant P. Umrao with 100 crore defamation suit, Know the reason!


Prashant P. Umrao who has been in limelight since his Petition against Aam aadmi party 20 MLA’s for holding the office of profit got Recommendation by Election commission of India and forwarded to President for further action. President Ramnath Kovind approved Election Commission’s Proposal and disqualified 20 MLA’s of Aam aadmi party. Even after that AAP approached Delhi high court and got the same result.

He has been famous for his tweets in which he counters Propaganda of Left, Libbies, and Piddies with facts and straight points. Above people started attacking Lawyer After this Aam Aami Party’s case more brutally but could not succeed. A so-called news portal gathered some 5-6-year-old tweets of him and wrote an article, which was shared by Rajdeep Sardesai on his twitter handle.

In Response Lawyer, Prashant P Umrao started digging his past and tweeted these-

The debate started and turned into a battlefield, Where Prashant P Umrao tweeted and dared Rajdeep to Expose him regarding Various issues. Like, to disclose and start legal proceedings against his illegal disproportionate asset.

Mr. Prashant in series of tweets has alleged that Rajdeep’s Son Ishan got admission at MBBS in Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University in 2013 on NRI quota without having merit after paying ₹1 Crore by violating rules.

In Answer, Rajdeep Sardesai Threatened him with defamation suit of 100 crores. He also targeted Twitter India for allowing Lawyer Prashant P. Umrao speak and expose him.

Resulted in Twitter India Banned Twitter Account of Prashant P. Umrao for 12 hours. Twitter users like The Skin Doctor also filed an RTI(Online) regarding the same issue.

And Surprisingly Rajdeep Sardesai Blocked “The Skin Doctor” without even having an argument. Twitter Users started Hashtag #ISupportPrashant in support of the lawyer and called out their hypocrisy on various issues.

It is clear Now, Twitter India is working Under influence of famous personalities and banning Accounts of those who are having different opinions and asking direct questions. It is not the first time Twitter banned handle of a Right-wing user without stating the reason.

Their Views on Defamation Before- 


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