Here is the reason why BJP should be afraid of Rahul Gandhi, After He became INC president!


    After the elevation of Shri Shri Rahul Gandhi Ji as Indian National Congress’s President, Party is playing safe, There is minimum “Kutta-Fajeeti” left for the party to face. The previous president of Indian National Congress Smt. Sonia Gandhi Ji was inactive(She was not participating in any debate or discussion). At the National level, People participating were Spokespersons and some top leaders. They all were demanding elevation of Shri Rahul Gandhi Ji as President. In the end, It happened.

    And after some time, The party seems to be stabilizing in some states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh from which they were kicked out in last Loksabha polls and in the state elections. Ill-Policies of the state governments added confidence to the drowning party.

    In addition to this, Party President Shri Rahul Gandhi Ji is working on following things, which somehow are helping him and the party:

    1- He Stopped doing Comedy 

    Majority of the country is aware of the wit and humor of Shri Rahul Gandhi Which helped Bhartiya Janta Party in Elections and different type of situations. Be it This Morning, I woke up at night, Who gave milk to Gujarat, Jupiter Velocity etc. Since he became president of the party he completely stopped doing comedy, He isn’t helping Bhartiya Janata party anymore(Officialy).

    2-He Stopped Facing Interviews

    Party President Rahul Gandhi, When he was Vice-President of Congress tried his hard to face interviews and by putting up his views on issues in front of Arnab Goswami or any other journalist, He always mocked himself. Party is getting benefits after he has stopped that, He is presenting himself with seriousness in front of people and stopped giving interviews.

    3- He is Using Social Media more than anything to Question and Answer

    One can not find a single thing he spoke about on Mike or on television, He is using social media to Question government and obviously, boats are helping him. Ever since he became president of the party he started giving replies on twitter. Pidi media is also helping him along with boats. Overall some good social media handlers are appointed 😉

    From above things, He unintentionally helping his party, Some sort of think tank stopped him from doing comedy. 


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